For all your current and future IT needs, think Future Ideas and Solutions

Here at future ideas and solutions we are committed to providing for all of your IT needs. No matter the design or size of your business, we will work with you to determine and deploy the perfect hardware and software solution for you. Whether that is just a few tweeks or reliable support of your existing IT setup, or a fresh new solution, we provide the best personalized design and support of all of your IT needs.



PCs & Custom Builds

  • Custom built workstations for all budgets.
  • Superior quality at better pricing than prebuilt workstations.
  • Fully upgradeable. Our workstations are fully modular and can be upgraded to fit future needs without requiring OEM specific hardware.
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Full Business IT Solution Suite

  • Network management, upgrade, and design/redesign. For existing or new network installations. Firewall, VPN, VLAN, and managed Wi'Fi integration and support.
  • Custom hardware solutions from server/workstation topology to cloud and thin client designs.
  • Software solutions. From custom designed software and databases to antivirus and backup software, we provide professional solutions for your specific software needs.
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Security Camera Provider For All Sizes and Needs

  • Design, deplyoment, and maintenance of enterprise quality security camera systems.
  • Upgrade, maintenance, and support of your current security camera setup.
  • Remote access and monitoring of your security camera setup. All of our security camera setups include remote acccess and motion detection/monitoring standard with all system sizes.
  • Local NVR and cutting edge cloud storage options to keep your camera footage secure and easily accessible.
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